Monday, July 6, 2015

Solo Ads

To get you familiar with Solo Ads, you must first understand what they are. Solo Ads are private emails that are sent out to subscribers of ezines (electronic magazines). They are highly effective and inexpensive to use and a single Solo Ad can create multiple sales for your IPC business.

To make this more understandable, a Solo Ad is an ad sent out to an entire subscriber base of an ezine. So what exactly is an ezine? An ezine is an online electronic magazine and there are thousands of them online.

These online ezines are very similar to magazines you would find at a store. One of the best things regarding ezines is they have people who actually subscribe to them. Much like a magazines subscribers, some ezines have hundreds of thousands of people who read them week after week.

Now with a Solo Ad, your individual ad is delivered to those subscribers by the ezine itself.

This makes a Solo Ad a very powerful tool when marketing online. Your message and offer are delivered first hand by a reputable ezine to people who are interested in making an income online.

Below you will find some ezine directories listed and a list of over 40 ezines that allow Solo Ads.

Now to use a Solo Ad effectively, there are a few things that you need to do. To start with, want to contact a minimum of 5 to 10 ezines at a time to get actual cost estimates so you can compare them.

When you contact these ezines, you want to ask them the following questions:

Question 1: How many subscribers does your ezine currently have?

Question 2: What is your rate for a solo ad?

Question 3: When and how often do you run solo ads?

These ezines will get back to you quickly with the answers to your questions. Once you receive their answers, you will want to compare them. Compare their rates, their subscriber base (the number of emails sent out) and also how often they send out Solo Ads.

Then just go through your list and select which ezine Solo Ad would be best for you. Remember that you want to get the maximum exposure that your budget will allow.

Once you find the ezine or ezines you would like to use for your Solo Ad, contact the advertising section of that ezine as they will have instructions for you to place your Solo Ad.

Note: Stay away from ezine offers that promise or guarantee to send your Solo Ad to “millions & millions” of people. This is not a Solo Ad, it is an opt-in list which is much different.

Note: Do not confuse FFA or SAFELIST offers with Solo Ads as they are completely different.

Note: Do Not place classified ads with ezines, you only want to use ezines for Solo Ads.

 Once you have selected which ezine you are going to use for your Solo Ad, the next step is to create your Solo Ad.


 Creating Your Solo Ad

 There are 2 keys to Solo Ads that are very crucial.

 First: Create a headline that is noticed and that will get opened!

 Second: Have your actual message make them want to click your link inside the Solo Ad.

 That is it! Do not try to sell them, they do not want to see a three or four paragraph story.

 We do not want to try and sell them with this Solo Ad, we want them to convert to traffic.

 Again, you need a headline that will get your Solo Ad opened. If your Solo Ad is not opened, it will not do anything for you. You also want your message to be short and make the person reading it click your link inside the ad.

One of the best ways to configure a great Solo Ad headline and message is to ask yourself “What would I click on?”

Below are some examples of a Solo Ads that will get opened. Feel free to use them, but also use them to get ideas and create your own Solo Ads.


{name}: Incredible solutions to your health problems


Hi {name}:

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Hey {name}, You’re Missing This – Big Time


Hi {name}:



If you miss out on this, then you may miss out on an extraordinary life of supreme health, vitality and energy.

This is not just possible for some, it is possible for everyone who has an open mind and an attitude to learn and apply

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Be motivated and inspired by the world leaders in outstanding health and longevity.

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Directories To Look Up Ezines

Below are a few directories that allow you to search and look up different ezines.

As with any industry, ezines are constantly changing. Some change their venues, their subscriber base may drop or increase, and some ezines may even go out of business. That is why it is always important to contact ezines prior to placing a Solo Ad.

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